About Us

Stretch Fit. provides comfortable gym clothes.  It specifically provides quality comfort active wear clothing. These workout clothes are made from extremely soft material which gives comfort to the wearer without compromising on the quality of the material. The site offers clothes for both the sexes. The clothing line ranges from t-shirts and tank tops to outerwear and shorts to pants. The clothes are extremely light in weight so as not to encumber the wearer. The clothes do not create a drag nor are bulky, at the same time are loose enough so as not to restrict the movement. These workout clothes are specially designed keeping in mind the thermal insulation. It helps the wearer stay cool in hot situations; while in cold situations, it helps the wearer stay warm. Not only this, they also show exceptional moisture wicking property i.e. the clothing moves perspiration away from the body, to the outer surface of the fabric, so that it can evaporate in the environment. Furthermore, the fabric of these clothes is absorbent making the wicking property even better. Witness the fitness with our range to keep your style on-point while you workout or casual day to day bases STRTCHFT.
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